Conehead IPA

Made by Resurgence Brewing Co., Conehead IPA is a baseball beer named to honor Tom Girot – the beer vendor for the Buffalo Bisons minor league baseball team. Conehead Single Hop IPA delivers a big floral aroma, juicy flavor, and subtle earthiness. Light bittering allows the complex flavors of the Mosaic to shine.

ABV – 5.5%

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Buffalo, New York
Conehead - Resurgence Brewing Co.
Conehead IPA
Buffalo Bisons Conehead beer man, Tom Girot
Buffalo Bisons Conehead beer man, Tom Girot

Beer Vendor, Tom Girot, Releases Conehead IPA

Celebrating 40 years of serving ice cold beers with the Buffalo Bisons, the most famous beer vendor in Buffalo gets his very own tribute. Join us as we chat with Tom Girot, better known as Conehead.

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