Curveball Handcrafted Cider

Made by James Arthur Vineyards, Curveball Handcrafted Cider is a baseball hard cider brand in four apple varietals. 7th Inning Stretch is a caramel, Grand Slam is semi-sweet, The Cycle is bourbon barrel-aged, and Triple Play is brandy barrel-aged.

ABV – 5.5%

James Arthur Vineyards logo
Raymond, Nebraska
Curveball Hardcrafted Cider – James Arthur Vineyards
Grand Slam – Curveball Handcrafted Cider

About James Arthur Vineyards

James Arthur Vineyards (JAV) was the second winery to open in Nebraska and it’s currently the largest. There are 20 acres of vineyards and 12,000 grapevines. And of course, an apple orchard!
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