Dummy Tripel IPA

Made by Fibonacci Brewing Company, Dummy Tripel IPA is a baseball beer honoring William Ellsworth “Dummy” Hoy who once threw out 3 players at home in one game – hence the name of the beer. Hoy is also credited as the originator of umpires using hand signals in baseball, as he was deaf, and could not hear the calls.

The beer is bright gold color with little bitterness. A big, dense, creamy head with a full mouthfeel. Slightly fruity with a sweet finish.

ABV – 8.9%
IBU – 49

Fibonacci Brewing Company logo
Cincinnati, Ohio
Dummy Tripel – Fibonacci Brewing Company
Dummy Tripel IPA

Dummy Tripel Bottle & Glass – Fibonacci Brewing Company
Dummy Tripel Bottle & Glass – Fibonacci Brewing Company

Inside Fibonacci Brewing

Bob and Betty Bollas share the Fibonacci philosophy, where they are as a brewery, and where they are headed. Get to know this outstanding Cincinnati brewery.

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