Hardball Cider

Hardball Cider proves baseball fans an alternative to beer while watching their favorite team play. Due to the increasing popularity of hard cider and the lengthy baseball season, their product is appealing to fans from the time pitchers and catchers report in mid-February all the way to the World Series in mid-late October. In addition to their canned and bottled range of ciders, they have offered Concession Stand, Shoeless Joe, Teddy Ballgame, and Change-Up.

Hardball Cider logo
Mt Bethel, Pennsylvania
Harball Sider inside


Starting Line-Up

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Hardball Cider – Beanball (Blood Orange)
Beanball Blood Orange
Hardball Cider – Black Cherry Bomb
Black Cherry Bomb
Hardball Cider – Caramel Card
Caramel Card Apple
Hardball Cider – Curveball
Curveball Sweet Cider
Fastball – Hardball Cider
Fastball Dry Cider
Hardball Cider – Hey, Blue! (Blueberry)
Hey, Blue! Blueberry
Hardball Cider – Northern Spy
Northern Spy
Hardball Cider – Puckerball
Puckerball Sour Cherry
Hardball Cider – Riding the Pine (Apple)
Riding the Pine (Apple)
Hardball Cider – Riseball (Raspberry)
Riseball (Raspberry)
Hardball Cider – Slider (Peach)
Slider (Peach)
Hardball Cider – Spiced Curveball
Spiced Curveball
Hardball Cider – Spittin' Seeds cans
Spittin' Seeds (Watermelon)
Hardball Cider – Splitter
Splitter Semi-Sweet Cider
Sunday Hop – Hardball Cider
Sunday Hop, Dry Hopped Cider
Hardball Cider – Whitewash (Peach)
Whitewash (Peach)

Inside Hardball Cider

Influence TV Network’s Danielle Maslany interviews Geoffrey T. Deen from Hardball Cider.

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