L.A. Dodgers Pale Ale

Made by Hite Brewery, L.A. Dodgers Pale Ale is a South Korean beer that has become a mainstay featuring the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team. Hite lager is golden in color and styled upon traditional European and American lagers. Hite is the first Korean beer sold in a Major League ballpark. The Dodgers originally approached Hite Jinro after seeing the number of Koreans interested in the World Baseball Classic.

ABV – 4.3%

Hite Pale Lager logo
Seoul, South Korea
Visit Hite Jinro
Hite Pale Lager Featuring the LA Dodgers
Hite Pale Lager
Hite Beer LA Dodgers Bottles Lined Up

Dodgers and Hite Beer Agree on Partnership

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Hite Beer agrees on partnership.

Hite Beer Commercial with LA Dodgers

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