Hustle Baseball Beer Series

Made by Rhinegeist Brewery, Hustle is a series of baseball beers made to honor Charlie Hustle’s himself – Pete Rose. Off at the crack of the bat, spikes dug in, exploding with speed – Hustle breaks the game wide open with an IPA, Red Lager, and Rye Pale Ale.

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Cincinnati, Ohio

Hustle IPA

This India Pale Ale takes a hard, hoppy cut at a soft, fluffy hanging curve, driving notes of peach, tangerine and citrus back, back, back…gone.

ABV – 6.0%
IBU – 50

Hustle - Rhinegeist Brewery
Hustle IPA

Hustle Red Lager

Hustle Red Lager is a smooth and sessionable built for 90 degree days at the ballpark. Low in ABV and bitterness, Hustle offers delicate hop notes with a light, biscuity malt backbone. Crack open a few of these red beauties on game day.

ABV – 4.8%
IBU – 17

Hustle Red Lager – Rhinegeist Brewery
Hustle Red Lager

Hustle Rye Pale Ale

It’s baseball season, spring is springing, there’s a pep in all of our steps. Hustle Rye Pale Ale has a distinctively spicy and slightly grainy rye character from the two types of rye malt used in in the beer.

ABV – 5.4%
IBU – 40

Hustle Rye Pale Ale – Rhinegeist Brewery
Hustle Rye Pale Ale
Pete Rose, Nicknamed Charlie Hustle, Grabs a Beer
Pete Rose, Nicknamed Charlie Hustle, Grabs a Beer

Charlie Hustle Beer Released

Rhinegeist welcomes the arrival of baseball season with a new brew and some groovy moves to the tune of Pamela Neal’s 1979 classic, “Charlie Hustle.” Baseball and disco are back! But wait, was disco ever really gone?

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