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Idle Hands was founded by Christopher and Grace Tkach. Idle Hands is Belgium inspired, and dates back to the Middle Ages when it was only produced in monasteries. Over 500 years and 500 beers later, the depth and breadth of Belgian beers is tremendous with most of the popular styles and brands still brewed in Belgium. Today, Belgian beers are frequently paired with a variety of food offerings to complement and enhance the flavors of both. As the rise of the craft beer and locavore movements coincide, they hope Idle Hands becomes a local favorite and mainstay.

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Malden, Massachusetts
Idle Hand Craft Ale Brewery Inside


Starting Line-Up

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34 David Ortiz – Idle Hands (Green Can)
34 – David Ortiz Porter
Backwards K IPA by Idle Hands
Backwards K New England IPA
Brocktoberfest – Idle Hands Brewing
Brocktober Fest
CitraBall IPA by Idle Hands
CitraBall NE IPA
Two Seam New England Session IPA – Idle Hands
Two Seam NE Session IPA
Four Seam New England IPA – Idle Hands
Four Seam NE IPA
Double Citra Four Seam NE IPA by Idle Hands
Double Citra Four Seam NE IPA
Six Seam New England Double IPA – Idle Hands
Six Seam NE Double IPA
Change Up – Idle Hands
Change Up Double IPA
First Pitch IPA – Idle Hands
First Pitch Belgian IPA
Honeyball IPA and Moneyball by Michael Lewis
Honeyball New England IPA
Short Season IPA by Idle Hands Brewery
Short Season IPA
Splitter New England Double IPA – Idle Hands
Splitter NE Double IPA
Winter Ball New England IPA in a Glass by Idle Hands Brewery
Winter Ball IPA

Inside Idle Hands

Idle Hands owner Chris Tkach talks about the release of First Pitch and Four Seam in cans.

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