Iron City Beer

Iron City Beer is the flagship brand of the Pittsburgh Brewing Company. It is a traditional American Lager brewed is classic Pittsburgh style. Built on 150 years of brewing experience, Iron City Beer boasts notes of sweet corn and smooth, crisp barley malt for a dry finish with very little bitterness. Since 1861, their signature recipe is lightly hopped, lightly carbonated and easy to drink. Their relationship with the Pittsburgh Pirates is storied.

Iron City Beer logo
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Iron City Beer - PNC Park

Starting Line-Up

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1979 Pittsburgh Pirates - Iron City Beer
1979 Pittsburgh Pirates
2017 Pittsburgh Pirates - Iron City Beer
2017 Pittsburgh Pirates
Roberto Clemente - Iron City Beer
Roberto Clemento Premium Beer
Roberto Clemente - I.C. Light Beer
Roberto Clemente I.C. Light

Iron City Beer Advertising

View a Pittsburgh Pirates hometown television commercial for Iron City Beer.

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