Juuust a Bit Outside

Made by Newtown Brewing, Juuust a Bit Outside is a sour ale with peaches and passion fruit that honors the Harry Doyle quote, “Just a Bit Outside” from the movie, Major League. Kettle soured with Lactobacillus and conditioned on Madagascar Vanilla Bean and a load of Peach and Passion Fruit purees, this wild thing is a tart, refreshing brew and a perfect call for watching the ball game.

ABV – 6.6%
IBU – 5

Newtown Brewing logo
Newtown, Pennsylvania
Newtown Brewing – Juuust a Bit Outside
Newtown Brewing – Juuust a Bit Outside Sour Ale

Major League – Just a Bit Outside

Bob Uecker plays Harry Doyle, the announcer for the Cleveland Indians in the baseball movie, Major League.

About Newtown Brewing

Learn about the brewery where almost all their beers are named with movie references!

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