Lone Pine Brewing

Lone Pine Brewing is a craft brewery located in Portland, Maine. They have created baseball beer for a movie – A Lager of Their Own – named after A League of Their Own. They have also created a beer sold at Hadlock Field, home of the Portland Sea Dogs, the Double-A Affiliate of the Boston Red Sox, called Walk Off IPA.

They also have a beer called Laser Show. Under normal circumstances, this doesn’t appear to be a baseball beer at all, but Dustin Pedroia coined the phrase “laser show” and spent part of the 2005 season with the Sea Dogs. So maybe, right? 

Lone Pine Brewing Logo
Portland, Maine
Lone Bine Brewing inside


Starting Line-Up

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Lone Pine Brewing, A Lager of Their Own in a Baseball Glove
A Lager of Their Own India Pale Lager
Lone Pine Brewing, Laser Show Pale Ale
Laser Show New England Pale Ale
Lone Pine Brewing, Walk Off IPA
Walk Off IPA

Lone Pine Brewing Introduction

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