Murky Machado

Made by Bay City Brewing, Murky Machado is a hazy IPA baseball beer developed to honor San Diego Padres third baseman, Manny Machado. Juicy waves of Citra and Southern Passion hops make this hazy, pillowy IPA taste like 300 million dollars.

ABV – 6.5%

Bay City Brewing Co. logo
San Diego, California
Bay City Brewing – Murky Machado Hazy IPA
Murky Machado Hazy IPA
Bay City Brewing – Murky Machado in a Glass
Murky Machado in a Glass
Manny Machado Batting with Glasses for Beer Label
Manny Machado Ready to Rip Into a Beer

Inside Bay City Brewing

Bay City Brewing Co. is a craft beer brewery serving up a wide range of beers from light session IPAs to sour wheat brews.

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