Old Planters Brewing

Old Planters Brewing Co. was built on a love for creating hop forward ales. In 2014, two friends, Matt Sullivan and Ben Garry created a licensed brewery in the cellar of their home. They named the brewery after the Old Planters, the founding fathers of Beverly, Massachusetts. It was a way to pay homage to the city where the two friends grew up and to poke fun at their lifelong residency as “townies”. It was also created as a reminder to remain true to a vision and always be open to exploring uncharted territories. A reminder to stay rooted in classic brewing technique, and to be open to innovation and experimentation.

Old Planters Brewing Co. logo
Beverly, MA
Old Planters Brewing Co. Outside
Old Planters Brewing Co. Outside
Old Planters Brewing Co. Inside
Old Planters Brewing Co. Inside


Starting Line-Up

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Sign Stealer IPL by Old Planters
Sign Stealer IPL
Swing Oil IPA Label Art
Swing Oil IPA
Tommy John Summer Ale Beer Label
Tommy John Summer Ale

Inside Old Planters Brewing

BeerSighted Media chats with Old Planters Brewing Company from Beverly, Massachusetts with brewer John Aiken to taste test four of their new-release brews. Dive into tasting notes and the story behind each of the brewery’s latest offerings, plus took a peek into some interesting stuff Old Planters has coming up.
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