Big Hapi Double IPA with Mango

Made by Samuel Adams, Big Hapi Double IPA with Mango is a baseball beer honoring Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz. Big Hapi is made with more than 5 pounds of hops per barrel and dry-hopped with five American hop varieties from the Pacific Northwest. Infused with mango juice from the, this brew boasts strong citrus and tropical notes, a piney backbone and resinous flavor. Only 541 bottles were produced – one for each home run Big Papi crushed out of the park throughout his 19 year career.

ABV – 8.0%

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Boston, Massachusetts

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Big Hapi - Samuel Adams
Big Hapi Double IPA with Mango

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Late Night host Conan O’Brien tries every Sam Adams beer and examines every staff member’s beard at the Sam Adams Brewery in Boston.

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