Savannah Banana Ale

Made by Service Brewing Co., Savannah Banana Ale is a baseball beer brewed for the Savannah Bananas, a theatric barnstorming circus of a baseball team based from Savannah, Georgia. This refreshing session beer is brewed with 720 pounds of real banana and fermented with Belgian yeast. It’s all you need for a winning season.

ABV – 4.6%

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Savannah, Georgia
Savannah Banana Ale - Service Bewing
Savannah Banana Ale

Split – Banana Cream Soda

Looking for a kid-friendly beverage? Give Split a try. It is a banana cream soda, also available at Savannah Banana games.

Split – Banana Cream Soda
Savannah Banana Ale

Inside Service Brewing Co.

After retiring from the military, Kevin began brewing beer with the help of YouTube tutorials. Less than two years later, he and Meredith founded a successful craft brewery whose mission is to give back to vets and their community.

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