Terrapin Beer Co.

Terrapin Beer Co. began as a daydream between founders John Cochran and Spike Buckowski, who met while working for a microbrewery in Atlanta. In 2002, Rye Pale Ale made its first appearance and later won a Gold Medal. Inspired by the creative culture of Athens, Terrapin began to add to its beer line up, with unique beers like Hopsecutioner. Through collaboration with the Atlanta Braves, this brew became Chopsecutioner, and is served at SunTrust Park.

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Athens, Georgia
Terrapin Taproom Suntrust Park Inside


Starting Line-Up

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Chopsecutioner - Terrapin Beer Co.
Chopsecutioner Bat Wood Aged IPA
Chipper Jones CJ10 Kolsch – Terrapin Beer
Chipper Jones CJ10 Kolsch
On Deck IPA - Terrapin Beer Co.
On Deck IPA
Schwing Batter - Terrapin Beer Co.
Schwing Batter

Inside Terrapin Beer Co.

LightsCameraCook introduces us to Chef Mike and Tony, who take a tour of the Terrapin Beer Co. brewery in Athens GA, home of their world famous Hopsecutioner.

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