The Knuckleballer Texas Kolsch

Made by Uncle Billy’s Brewery, The Knuckleballer Texas Kolsch is a baseball beer is a pale golden with a fluffy white head. Delicate fruit aromas of pear and sweet apple. Light fruit flavors are detectable with light body and a dry, crisp finish. Refreshing and effervescent, this drinks like summertime in a glass.

ABV – 5.4%
IBU – 28

Uncle Billy's Brewery logo
Austin, Texas
The Knuckleballer - Uncle Billy's Brewery
The Knuckleballer Texas Kolsch

Watch Uncle Billy Throw a Knuckler

Watch Uncle Billy throw a knuckler! They packaged their German-style Knuckleballer Kölsch in a playful can celebrating the game of baseball. This Kölsch is an easy drinking pale golden beer, perfect for the summer weather.

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