In “A Soldier’s Story: Major Stephen Reich,” a small American town is home to the exceptional Stephen Reich, a young athlete who dominated three high school sports and later shined as an all-star pitcher for Army’s West Point Academy. While Major League beckoned, Stephen’s commitment to his nation prevailed, leading him to prioritize service over baseball.

From a budding baseball career with the Baltimore Orioles farm team, Stephen’s path took him to the treacherous terrains of Kundar Province, Afghanistan, as the leader of the Operations Red Wings rescue mission in 2005. Despite baseball’s allure, his allegiance to his country never wavered. His tale, both inspiring and tragic, showcases an individual who epitomized patriotism and made the ultimate sacrifice.

A Soldiers Story: Major Stephen Reich | November 2015 (Australia)
Director: Loren MendellWriter: Laura MickelsonSummary: A small town stand out athlete is called to duty for our country, while the Big League beckons. Baseball was a big dream, but it always came second place to military service. A SOLDIERS STORY is about Major Stephen Reich an incredible athlete, and American military hero who passed-up a Major League baseball career to return to active duty then tragically paid the ultimate price.
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