Based on the iconic 1888 American poem “Casey at the Bat,” first published in The San Francisco Examiner, various adaptations have captured the collective imagination over the years. The story unfolds in the fictional town of Mudville, where local hero Casey fails to save the day, striking out in a crucial baseball game. This enduring tale has been reimagined in 1899, 1913, 1916, 1922, 1927, 1946 as a Disney animated short, and 2005.

The 1916 silent film adaptation featured DeWolf Hopper Sr., known for his theatrical recitations of the poem. Though not portraying Casey himself, Hopper’s involvement added cultural heft to this timeless story. Like all its predecessors and successors, the film zeroes in on Casey’s much-anticipated but ultimately failed at-bat.

Casey at the Bat | July 2, 1916 (United States)
Director: Lloyd IngrahamWriter: Ernest Lawrence Thayer, William E. WingStars: DeWolf Hopper Sr., Kate Toncray, Mae GiraciSummary: Casey, a baseball hero in Mudville, is revered for his game-winning abilities but struggles with personal relationships, except for his love for his niece and a few children. When his niece gets injured, he's distracted during a crucial game, causing him to lose, and after being shunned by the town, he leaves his lifelong home.


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