In the 1927 adaptation of “Casey at the Bat,” Wallace Beery portrays Casey, a junk man turned baseball star. Lured to the big leagues by a scheming New York scout and his dishonest manager, Casey finds himself at the center of a high-stakes game. The duo plots to get him drunk and bet against him, jeopardizing the crucial pennant race.

This version joins a lineage of adaptations, including films made in 1899, 1913, 1916, 1922, a 1946 Disney animated short, and a 2005 rendition. While taking creative liberties, the film retains the essence of Casey’s anticipated but ultimately failed performance, adding its own chapter to this enduring American tale.

Casey at the Bat | March 8, 1927 (United States) 6.3
Director: Monte BriceWriter: Hector Turnbull, Monte Brice, Reggie MorrisStars: Wallace Beery, Zasu Pitts, Ford SterlingSummary: Casey is a slovenly junk man in a turn of the twentieth century hick town who has a remarkable ability to play baseball. An unscrupulous New York scout signs him up, so Casey and his equally dishonest manager go to the big leagues. Eventually, the scout and manager conspire to get him drunk and bet against him for a crucial game with the pennant at stake.


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