In “Comrades of Summer,” Sparky Smith is a past-his-prime American baseball coach who’ll work for anyone—including a Russian team that barely knows the sport. These Reds ain’t from Cincinnati! Faced with cultural and language barriers, Sparky is initially resentful and contemplates quitting as he prepares his inexperienced team for the U.S. Olympics.

Despite the obstacles, both the team and Sparky undergo transformation. When the underdog Russian team reaches the American stage, the high-pressure environment brings out unexpected strengths. Confronting these challenges, Sparky and his team find that the essence of baseball transcends borders, leading to mutual respect and self-discovery.

The Comrades of Summer | July 11, 1992 (United States) 5.9
Director: Tommy Lee WallaceWriter: Robert RodatStars: Joe Mantegna, Natalya Negoda, Michael LernerSummary: A recently fired American baseball manager is tasked with training a team of Russian novices in the intricacies of baseball. Despite numerous challenges and moments of doubt, he persists in his efforts. As the team's skills improve, he starts to believe they might be capable of representing the Soviet Union in the upcoming Olympics in America. Facing the pressures of performing in the U.S., the Russian players undergo a transformative experience.


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