A half-blind minor league pitcher meets, and nicknames, Dizzy and Daffy Dean, who go on to play for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Dizzy & Daffy (1934) Short, Comedy, Sport | 1080min | 15 December 1934 (USA) 5.6
Director: Lloyd FrenchWriter: Dolph Singer, Jack HenleyStars: Dizzy Dean, Paul 'Daffy' Dean, Roscoe AtesSummary: One baseball fan is excited that Lefty Howard, straight from the big league, is playing for the Farmer White Sox. Another wonders why, if he is so good, the big league let him go. Meanwhile, in the locker room, Lefty Howard brags about his baseball prowess and tries to show off by demonstrating his "fade away." The half-blind Howard throws the ball and breaks a mirror instead of the empty bottle he was aiming for. Two other players - Jerome Dean and his brother, Paul - look on. Jerome shows up Howard by knocking over the ball himself. The day's game goes badly. Even with his coke-bottle glasses, Howard can't tell the difference between a picture on a billboard and an actual player in left field. The umpire, "Call 'Em Wrong" Jones, does neither team any favors by calling a strike when he can't stutter past the word "ball." Things improve when Jerome takes over the pitching. Both brothers get a publicity boost when Lefty nicknames them: Dizzy and Daffy Dean.
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