“Henry O!” chronicles the inspiring journey of Enrique “Henry” Oliu, a blind Spanish-language color commentator for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Despite never seeing a game, Henry uses his deep love for sports and his encyclopedic memory to decipher plays solely based on their distinct sounds.

In the bustling broadcast booth of the leading Hispanic station in Florida’s Tampa Bay market, Henry is not alone. His wife Deb is right beside him, whispering real-time stats into his ear, making their partnership both touching and powerful in the world of sports commentary.

Henry O! | February 19, 2009 (United States) 8.4
Director: Ziad H. HamzehWriter: Ziad H. Hamzeh, Marc SandlerStars: Ziad H. Hamzeh, Enrique Oliu, Debbie PerrySummary: Spanish-language color commentator for the Tampa Bay Devil Ray's Enrique "Henry" Oliu does the impossible - he calls a game he's never seen.
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