In “Dorf on the Diamond,” baseball superfan Dorf, whose name is a variation on “dwarf,” attends the East-West All-Star Game and fantasizes about becoming a legendary coach. Voiced by Tim Conway, known for being the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants, Dorf’s imagined coaching scenarios are more comically flawed than they are inspiring.

In reality, Dorf faces a series of humorous obstacles, including a troublesome kid, a wise-cracking peanut vendor, and an uncooperative car. These everyday challenges add to the laughs in this film, another entertaining installment in Conway’s Dorf-themed sports comedy series.

Dorf on the Diamond | December 1, 1996 (United States) 6.1
Director: Roger BeattyWriter: Tim ConwayStars: Tim Conway, Shawn Hess, Tim Conway Jr.Summary: Baseball "Super Fan" Dorf goes to the East-West all star game. While enjoying the game, Dorf daydreams about being on the diamond himself and inspiring a baseball team to greatness as their coach (ala General Patton). Alas, even in his daydreams he's not entirely successful. Between daydreams, Dorf has his hands full coping with a bratty kid, a smart aleck peanut vendor, and his uncooperative car.


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