Goodbye, Franklin High revolves around the journey of Will Armer (Caudell), a high school baseball prodigy faced with a life-altering choice. As graduation nears, he grapples with the certain path of college versus the allure of a professional baseball career.

While his girlfriend (Dusenberry) and parents (Adams and Windom) weigh in, each with their perspective, the cacophony of opinions amplifies the drama of Will’s impending decision. The film captures the essence of youthful dreams and the pressures of expectations, as everyone associated with Will has a stake in his choice.

Goodbye, Franklin High | April 1978 (United States) 6.3
Director: Mike MacFarlandWriter: Stu KriegerStars: Lane Caudell, Julie Adams, William WindomSummary: During his senior year, a high-school student must deal with his girlfriend and parents, and make a difficult decision whether to do the safe thing and go to college or try for a glamorous baseball career.


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