“Gracie at the Bat” is a 1937 comedic film where Andy, a retired baseball player turned groundskeeper, is humorously roped into coaching a women’s baseball team. His initial reluctance and comical misunderstandings, highlighted by his bemused reactions to discovering his players’ off-season activities, drive the film’s comedy.

Andy’s journey goes from dismissing the women players to appreciating their skills, underscored by hilarious moments like the inflated catcher’s chest protector incident. Through comedy, the film addresses and subtly challenges the era’s gender norms in sports.

Gracie at the Bat | October 29, 1937 (United States) 7.8
Director: Del LordWriter: Del Lord, Elwood Ullman, Al GieblerStars: Andy Clyde, Louise Stanley, Leora ThatcherSummary: Gracie at the Bat is a 1937 comedy about Andy, a retired baseball player, who comically ends up coaching a women's team, leading to humorous situations and a change in his perception of female athletes.
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