Girls Can Play is a 1937 drama about Ann Casey, a softball player, who misses a modeling opportunity due to a chance encounter with reporter Jimmy Jones. When she returns to softball, Jimmy uncovers a dark tale involving the team’s owner, a gangster named Foy Harris.

Harris, deep in crime, commits two shocking murders. He first kills his partner, then team player Sue Collins using poisoned catcher’s mitt laces. Trapped by Harris and fearing for her life, Ann becomes a hostage, only to be rescued in the nick of time by Jimmy.

Girls Can Play | June 23, 1937 (United States) 5.8
Director: Lambert HillyerWriter: Lambert Hillyer, Albert DeMondStars: Julie Bishop, Charles Quigley, Rita HayworthSummary: Foy Harris (John Gallaudet) is a bootlegger selling illegal booze and also running a girl's professional softball team and is romancing the team's catcher Sue Collins (Rita Hayworth). The murder of one of the team members gets a police detective, Lieutenant Flannigan (Guinn "Big Boy" Williams and Jimmy Jones (Charles Quigley) a dim-witted, cub newspaper sports reporter involved. The reporter also has a romance going with the team's ace pitcher Ann Casey (Julie Bishop as Jacqueline Wells.)


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