Hardball is about Conor O’Neill, who deep in gambling debts, is roped into coaching a baseball team of troubled fifth-graders from Chicago’s projects. As he navigates threats from bookies and a growing bond with a teacher, Wilkes, he finds purpose and connection with the kids. When tragedy strikes with the death of young G-Baby, the team unites, culminating in a championship win, symbolizing triumph over adversity.

Conor’s journey from a reckless gambler to a dedicated mentor showcases the transformative power of community and the profound influence one can have on young lives.

Hardball | September 14, 2001 (United States) 6.4
Director: Brian RobbinsWriter: Daniel Coyle, John GatinsStars: Keanu Reeves, Diane Lane, John HawkesSummary: A gambling addict and ticket scalper living an aimless life reluctantly agrees to coach a Little League team from the Chicago projects as part of a loan agreement.


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