Legendary coach Joe Finn, distanced from his son David due to his past ambitions, initiates a novel baseball league. Its aim: to revitalize an underdog little league team and motivate fathers to actively participate. Unique in structure, this league follows “Joe’s Rules” with specific gameplay regulations.

With a tight half-season to claim victory, Joe’s deep commitment to baseball’s core values brings change. Not only does it mend his bond with David, but it also impacts local inmates and nurtures father-son ties in neighboring areas. All stemming from Joe’s belief that every boy, especially David, needs a HERO.

Hero | 2014 (United States) 6.7
Director: Manny EdwardsWriter: Manny Edwards, John FornofStars: Burgess Jenkins, Mark Joy, Gregory Alan WilliamsSummary: This is about a Little League coach Joe Finn, whose pursuit of fame and fortune leaves him with little but broken relationships-particularly with his son. Determined to win back his son and reunite other kids with their own all-too-absent fathers, Joe starts a new father-son baseball league. Dads are required to practice daily with their sons. Teams must follow "Joe's Rules" for baseball: players can lead off, no mandatory rotations, no ties, and games are played a full 9 innings or more. With only half a season left to produce a winning team, Joe's return to the purity of the game begins to transform everything, from Joe's own heart, to local prison inmates, to fathers and sons in neighboring towns... all because every boy needs a HERO.
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