“Road to the Big Leagues” takes you from the Dominican Republic’s dusty fields to the Major Leagues, capturing how baseball offers a crucial escape from poverty for many young men. Featuring Dominican stars like David Ortiz and Vladimir Guerrero, the documentary provides an intimate look at the sport as a lifeline and dream.

The film explores the intense competition and pressure these aspiring players face, all balanced by moments of sheer joy. Unveiling a lesser-known side of America’s pastime, “Road to the Big Leagues” is both a tribute to Dominican baseball and a poignant study of dreams and sacrifice.

Road to the Big Leagues | September 20, 2008 (United States) 7.5
Director: Jared GoodmanStars: Vladimir Guerrero, Jesus Alou, David OrtizSummary: Baseball in the Dominican Republic is more than a game; it's often a path out of poverty. ROAD TO THE BIG LEAGUES follows aspiring players on this challenging journey, capturing its pressures and joys. Featuring Dominican MLB stars like David Ortiz and Vladimir Guerrero, the documentary offers a rare look at 'America's Game' from a different angle.


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