In this baseball movie, Rick Fisher, aka “The Fish”, has always had a passion for the game of baseball. But baseball can’t make up for the mental and physical abuse he endured as a child.

Growing up, Rick has family battles, again and again. He enters the Vietnam war not knowing that his time spent in the service will change the course of his life. As he begins to smoke, he finds that his smokes are laced with heroin. This gets Rick hooked. From that point on, Rick stays high or stoned, not knowing how bad drugs will drag him down in life.

Rick begins looking for love in the wrong places and strives for acceptance in many of his different relationships. He experiences divorce after divorce; several with children. The pain and rejection beats Rick down more and more; all while he is taking more and more drugs. But he still succeeds in playing baseball.

All of the years of drug abuse has gradually taken it’s toll on Rick. Many times Rick attempts to take his life but fails. This time, he will make it happen…when he drives his car off Lookout Mountain. As Rick is preparing to take his car over the edge, he blacks out from too many drugs. He finds himself in a hospital, recovering. But habits are strong and Rick arranges to party with drug friends who visit and bring drugs.

A different friend talks him into going to visit the pastor of a church which Rick reluctantly does, but he is high when he goes. Rick does not know what a life changing event that meeting will be. He finds himself face to face with the realities of what his life has been and has a massive life changing experience with Jesus Christ.

Still Pitching | January 1, 2022 (United States) 4.9


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