In the 16-minute short film, “Switch Hitter,” baseball prodigy, Ben Dreier, is celebrated for his on-field prowess. Away from the spotlight, Ben subjects his girlfriend, Lily, to intense abuse. As he ascends in fame, Lily’s silent suffering takes a turn when a celebratory evening leads to a shocking tragedy, unveiling their concealed nightmare to the world.

Ben’s public accolades contrast sharply with his private volatility. A grievous incident, involving the death of an escort in his apartment, jeopardizes his future. Though Lily finally manages to break away, the scars of their tumultuous past and the unsettling divergence between public image and personal truths persistently haunt her.

Switch Hitter | October 2015 (United States)
Director: Dan Levy DagermanWriter: Ivana De Maria, Dan Levy Dagerman, Lindsay LevyStars: Jennifer Capriccio, Ivana De Maria, Anna EvelynSummary: The girlfriend of an abusive star baseball player decides to take things into her own hands by putting an end to the relationship, no matter the cost.
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