“Take Me Out to the Ball Game” is a musical set in the vibrant vaudeville era, where the Wolves baseball team is surprised by their new owner, the sharp and capable K.C. Higgins. Players Eddie O’Brien and Dennis Ryan, both part-time vaudevillians, find themselves in a tangle. Dennis is smitten by K.C., while Eddie’s feelings are tested by fan Shirley Delwyn’s attention.

Their personal dramas intensify when they’re in the crosshairs of Joe Lorgan and his gangsters, who scheme to fix the games for a big bet. Drawing from actor/ballplayer Mike Donlin’s life, the movie seamlessly blends romance, baseball, and onstage excitement.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game | April 1949 (United States) 6.7
Director: Busby BerkeleyWriter: Harry Tugend, George Wells, Gene KellyStars: Frank Sinatra, Esther Williams, Gene KellySummary: Two turn-of-the-century baseball players, who work in vaudeville during the off-season, run into trouble with their team's new female owner and a gambler who doesn't want them to win the pennant.


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