The Ball Game is one of the earliest known recordings, with copyright by Thomas A. Edison, Inc. It was filmed from one camera position behind home plate, and shows a baseball game in progress between the Newark Colts and the Reading Coal Heavers.

The Ball Game (1898) Documentary, Short, Sport | 20 May 1898 (USA) 4.3
Director: William HeiseStars: Scoops Carey, Zane Grey, Scott StrattonSummary: The Reading's [Pennsylvania] pitcher has just let a Newark [New Jersey] batsman walk to first. Our camera is stationed about twenty feet from the bag, and the satisfied grin of the runner is great as he touches first and gets up on his toes for second. Next man cracks first ball pitched for a two-bagger, and races for the base with a wonderful burst of speed. First baseman just misses a put out. Very exciting. Man on the coaching line yells, and umpire runs up and makes decision. Small boy runs past back of the catcher close to the grand stand, where there is great commotion. A most excellent subject, treated brilliantly.
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