“The Ball Game” is one of the earliest known recordings of a baseball game, copyrighted by Thomas A. Edison, Inc. Filmed in 1898, the documentary captures the Newark Colts playing the Reading Coal Heavers, all from a camera placed behind home plate.

This film is not just entertainment but a historical document, offering a glimpse into the early style and spirit of American baseball. Even in its silence, the film vividly conveys the game’s energy and excitement.

The Ball Game | May 20, 1898 (United States) 4.2
Director: William HeiseStars: Scoops Carey, Zane Grey, Scott StrattonSummary: The Reading, Pennsylvania, pitcher allows a Newark, New Jersey, batsman to walk to first. Positioned twenty feet away, our camera captures the batsman's grin and his readiness for second. The next batter hits a double and sprints to the base, narrowly evading an out. Amidst the tension, a coach shouts, the umpire makes a call, and a boy dashes behind the catcher. The scene is electric and masterfully captured.
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