In 1930s Vancouver, children of Japanese immigrants form “The Vancouver Asahi” baseball team. With players like Reji “Reggie” Kasahara, they navigate racial tensions using innovative “brain ball” tactics, achieving victories and becoming community beacons.

As they succeed, World War II’s shadow looms. Personal challenges meet societal prejudices, climaxing in a significant championship game. The film ends with the war’s outbreak and the Japanese-Canadian internment, highlighting enduring spirit amidst adversity.

The Vancouver Asahi | December 20, 2014 (Japan) 6.2
Director: Yûya IshiiWriter: Satoko OkuderaStars: Satoshi Tsumabuki, Kazuya Kamenashi, Ryô KatsujiSummary: From 1918 to 1942, Vancouver's Japanese community demonstrated resilience and achieved notable successes, epitomized by a groundbreaking baseball team. Their legacy is enshrined in the Vancouver Baseball Museum, celebrating their enduring impact on the city's cultural heritage.
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