“Wide Awake” is directed by M. Night Shyamalan and centers on 10-year-old Joshua Beal. After his grandfather’s death, Joshua embarks on a quest to understand life, death, and the existence of God. He seeks answers from his Catholic school teachers, family, and friends but finds that some questions are harder to answer than others.

The film uses baseball as a symbolic backdrop to Joshua’s spiritual journey. His experiences on the field parallel his existential quest, serving as moments for introspection and growth. The sport emphasizes the unpredictability and challenges in the “game of life,” adding thematic depth to the narrative.

Wide Awake | March 20, 1998 (United States) 5.9
Director: M. Night ShyamalanWriter: M. Night ShyamalanStars: Joseph Cross, Timothy Reifsnyder, Dana DelanySummary: In "Wide Awake," a 10-year-old boy named Joshua Beal grapples with existential questions about life and death after his grandfather passes away, using his experiences on the baseball field as a metaphorical lens for his spiritual quest.


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