Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum

The Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is a museum located in St. Marys, Ontario, Canada. The Hall of Fame and Museum is dedicated to preserving Canada’s baseball heritage which dates back to June 4, 1838, when a game which very closely resembled today’s game of baseball was played in Beachville, Ontario.

The museum was first founded in 1983 in Toronto at Exhibition Place and later moved to Ontario Place theme park. In 1994, it moved to St. Marys, Ontario, where it remains today. In 2018, the museum closed to undergo extensive renovations, and in April 2019, it reopened to the public.

Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame

Toronto Blue Jays on Display

This display features heroes from the Toronto Blue Jays. And also in the hall is the Harry Simmons Memorial Library, the home to the country’s only Centre for Canadian Baseball Research.

Arial View of the Canadian Baseball HOF

The 32-acre facility in St. Marys also includes four baseball fields designed by landscape architect Art Lierman of London, Ontario.

Expansion of the Canadian HOF

The Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame began an expansion project in 2013. Take a peek at some of the artifacts housed there today.

Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame logo
St. Marys, ON, Canada
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