Cooperstown Distillery

The Cooperstown Beverage Exchange, owned and operated by the Cooperstown Distillery, is dedicated to promoting locally crafted spirits, beer, wine, and ciders with several local beers on tap. It is the first and only distillery in Otsego County. The Exchange is located on the corner of Pioneer and Main Streets , three doors down from the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.
Cooperstown Beverage Exchange

Baseball Collection of Spirits

Cooperstown Distillery employs the highest quality artisanal distilling practices. Using almost entirely New York State grains, they produce a full line of spirits. Enjoy their baseball-themed spirits.

Cooperstown Distillery Storefront – Cooperstown, NY
Cooperstown Distillery Storefront
Abner Doubleday’s Bourbon – Cooperstown Distillery
Abner Doubleday’s Bourbon
Abner Doubleday’s Double Play Vodka – Cooperstown Distillery
Abner Doubleday’s Double Play Vodka
Abner Doubleday’s American Whiskey – Cooperstown Distillery
Abner Doubleday’s American Whiskey
The Triple Play – Cooperstown Distillery
The Triple Play
Spitball Cinnamon Whiskey – Cooperstown Distillery
Spitball Cinnamon Whiskey
Beanball Bourbon – Cooperstown Distillery
Beanball Bourbon
Cooper’s Legacy Bourbon – Cooperstown Distillery
Cooper’s Legacy Bourbon
Cooper’s Ransom Rye Whiskey – Cooperstown Distillery
Cooper’s Ransom Rye Whiskey
Cooper’s Classic American Whiskey – Cooperstown Distillery
Cooper’s Classic American Whiskey

Cooper’s Lounge

In the evenings, the Cooperstown Beverage Exchange converts into an upscale cocktail lounge featuring a gastropub menu highlighting locally-sourced foods.

Cooper's Lounge

Inside Cooperstown Distillery

Eugene Marra makes the whiskey, bourbon, gin and vodka. The names reference Cooperstown’s baseball roots and other historic assets, but Eugene is always looking forward. The former chef continues to craft new recipes that contribute to New York’s growing reputation for high-quality distilleries.

Cooperstown Distillery logo
Cooperstown, NY
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