Heroes of Baseball Wax Museum

Located in Cooperstown, New York near the Baseball of Fame, this wax museum features 30+ Hall of Famers and Hollywood characters, all recreated in wax. In fact, even the woman at the ticket booth is made of wax. So don’t get frustrated when she ignores you trying to buy a token to get through the turnstiles.

Heroes of Baseball Wax Museum
Heroes of Baseball Wax Museum: Ticket Booth
Purchase a Token From a Waxy Ticket Booth Lady

Meet George Steinbrenner in Wax

If you’re lucky, New York Yankees legendary owner George Steinbrenner may be outside the wax museum to welcome you. Just don’t touch him!
George Steinbrenner in Wax Museum

Abbott & Costello & Jackie Robinson

Who’s made of wax. Who? No! It’s Abbott & Costello. Within the Heroes of Baseball Wax Museum are also figures of a League of Their Own, Field of Dreams, Babe Ruth, Pete Rose, Mickey Mantle, Roberto Clemente, Honus Wager, Ty Cobb, Ted Williams, Jackie Robinson, and many other baseball legends.

Heroes of Baseball Wax Museum: Abbott & Costello
Heroes of Baseball Wax Museum: Jackie Robinson
Jackie Robinson in Wax

Tour the Heroes of Baseball Wax Museum

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