Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

The Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory is in Louisville, Kentucky, is all about celebrating the extraordinary role of Louisville Slugger in baseball’s past, present and future.

The museum creates temporary exhibits with more of a pop culture focus, including collaborations with the Norman Rockwell Museum, the Charles M. Schulz Museum, Coca-Cola, LEGO, Topps Trading Cards, and Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Tour all the interactive galleries in the museum, and walk through a tour of the factory to watch baseball bats being made.

And while you are waiting outside, stand next to The Big Bat, the world’s largest baseball bat. Made of steel, it weighs 68,000 pounds and towers 120 feet into the sky. The Big Bat is an exact-scale replica of Babe Ruth’s 34-inch Louisville Slugger bat.

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory
Kentucky Mirror & Plate Glass Sign
Kentucky Mirror & Plate Glass Sign on the Building Next Door

Louisville Slugger Museum

Along with their baseball bat tours, Louisville Slugger has galleries filled with remarkable memorabilia and entertaining interactive exhibits.

Louisville Slugger Museum
Main Louisville Slugger Museum Gallery
Louisville Slugger Signature Wall
Signature Wall with All Players Who Signed Louisville Slugger Contracts
Louisville Slugger LEGO exhibit
LEGO: Big Leagues, Little Bricks

Louisville Slugger Factory Tour

The tour now begins with a thrilling movie that transports you to the forests and mills where every Louisville Slugger bat begins. Then, walk through the factory production line and see the steps in the bat-making process.

At the end of the tour, you’ll even get a free souvenir mini-bat that showcases quotes about Louisville Slugger from superstars like Babe Ruth, Roberto Clemente and Cool Papa Bell.

Louisville Slugger wood turning blanks
Louisville Slugger baseball bats unfinished
Louisville Slugger painted bats

Louisville Slugger Field

Louisville Slugger Field opened in 2000, and is home to the Louisville Bats, Triple-A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds. The baseball field is a 1.2 mile walk down Main Street from the Louisville Slugger Museum.

Louisville Slugger Field

Louisville Slugger Walk of Fame

Stroll the mile long walk from Louisville Slugger Field on East Main Street all the way to the Louisville Slugger Museum. Along the way, 60 star players who all swung Louisville Slugger are honored. For each player, there is a bronze baseball bat leaned against a bench, store, or something else along the path with a home plate plaque tribute to their accomplishments.

Louisville Slugger Walk of Fame

Gallopalooza Painted Horse

Louisville is also known for horses, as it’s home to the Kentucky Derby. Gallopalooza, an event held every five years, brings art and life-sized horse sculptures together. There are hundreds of horses sculpted across the city, but only one bearing the Louisville Slugger Museum. This beauty was painted by Victor Sweatt, is titled Nelson’s Charm, and is on the sidewalk just a block down Main Street in front of the Kentucky Mirror & Plate Glass Co. View all the horses!

Louisville Slugger – Painted Horse

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory Tour

Join Tom Hall for an unforgettable trip into baseball history at the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory Tour.
Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory logo
Louisville, Kentucky
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