Brandy Barleywine Ale with Cherries & Oranges

Made by Broken Bat Brewing, this release of Brandy Barleywine Ale is a baseball beer that’s loaded with flavors of cherry and orange. It is also slightly sweet and malty. Want something less fruity? Try the original Barleywine Ale.

ABV – 8.7%

Broken Bat Brewing logo
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Brandy BA Barleywine - Broken Bat Brewing Co.
Brandy Barleywine Ale with Cherries & Oranges

Inside Broken Bat Brewing

Spend Opening Day of Broken Bat Brewing Co. in Milwaukee, WI. The Micro Craft Beer looks around the taproom, then talks with the owners, Tim Pauly and Dan McElwee.

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