The DH Hazy IPA

Made by DogBerry Brewing, The DH Hazy IPA is a baseball beer where the acronym is in question. Does it stand for Designated Hitter, or DogBerry Hazy? Either way, this Hazy IPA will certainly be a hitter! Soft, fruity hops are the focal point here, coupled with a velvety smooth malt undertone and a bright nose that round out this brew. Go ahead, put The DH in your line-up and let him knock it out of the park.

ABV – 6.5%

DogBerry Brewing logo
West Chester, Ohio
The DH Hazy IPA – Dogberry Brewing
The DH Hazy IPA

Inside DogBerry Brewing

DogBerry Brewing releases a special beer to celebrate West Chester’s place as one of the “Best Places to Live” in America. See how they brew their beer!

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