First Pitch

Made by Rally Cap Brewing Co., First Pitch is their flagship Hazy Pale Ale. Thanks to a generous helping of wheat and oats, this brew is light in color and carries a nice, soft mouth feel. This soft palette allows for the hop flavors to clearly shine through in this one. With plenty of Citra and Sabro hops results in a beer that pops with citrus, stone fruit, and coconut flavors, we think you’ll enjoy this one. Let’s get this game started!

ABV – 5.7%

Rally Cap Brewing Company logo
Baton Rouge, Louisianna
Rally Cap Brewing – First Pitch
First Pitch Pale Ale

Coconut First Pitch

Coconut First Pitch is exactly what it sounds like – the same exact hazy Pale Ale conditioned over a load of shredded coconut.
Rally Cap Brewing – Coconut First Pitch
Rally Cap Brewing – Coconut First Pitch

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