Gerrit Kolsch

Made by Rally Cap Brewing Co., Gerrit Kolsch is a baseball beer that’s crisp, balanced and refreshing. This Kolsch finishes with a slight fruitiness thanks to the Ariana and Callista hops. And of course, the beer honors the New York Yankees pitcher, Gerrit Cole.

This beer got into a little trouble with the MLB Player’s Association. They sent a cease-and-desist to Rally Cap for unauthorized use of his name. Future releases had the name “Gerrit” redacted from the label. I hope they got several lumps of Cole for Christmas.

ABV – 5.0%

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Baton Rouge, Louisianna
Rally Cap Brewing – Gerrit Kolsch
Gerrit Kolsch
Gerrit Cole Pitching for Beer
Gerrit Cole Pitching for Beer

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