Made by Rally Cap Brewing Co., Shoeless is a hazy double IPA brewed with generous amounts of Rakau, Idaho 7 and Cashmere hops, and chock full of tropical flavors with hints of melon.

This beer celebrates the career of Shoeless Joe Jackson, whose days were halted abruptly by scandal. Through 11 MLB seasons, Shoeless Joe had 1,772 hits in 1,332 games with a career batting average of .356 – the 3rd highest in Major League history. His contribution to the 1919 Black Sox scandal ultimately led to his inclusion on the MLB ineligible list. Yet, his accomplishments on the diamond are amongst the greatest of any player to have played the game.

ABV – 8.0%

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Baton Rouge, Louisianna
Rally Cap Brewing – Shoeless
Shoeless Double IPA
Shoeless Joe Jackson
Shoeless Joe Jackson

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