Chopsecutioner Bat Wood Aged IPA

Made by Terrapin Beer Co., Chopsecutioner Bat Wood Aged IPA is a baseball beer that’s a session version of their flagship brand Hopsecutioner. In contrast, Chopsecutioner is aged on Mizuno bat chips. Bright copper in color with grapefruit, citrus and papaya aromatics plus a subtle oak character. A light, crackery malt sweetness brings balance to a pleasant hop bite, while light bodied effervescence and grapefruit pith dryness make for the perfect warm-weather session brew.

ABV – 5.0%
IBU – 60

Terrapin Beer Co. logo
Athens, Georgia
Chopsecutioner - Terrapin Beer Co.
Chopsecutioner Bat Wood Aged IPA

Inside Terrapin Beer Co.

LightsCameraCook introduces us to Chef Mike and Tony, who take a tour of the Terrapin Beer Co. brewery in Athens GA, home of their world famous Hopsecutioner.

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