“A No-Hit No-Run Summer” transports audiences to the summer of 1969, where 12-year-old Martin is filled with the dream of joining the local neighborhood baseball team. When disappointment strikes as he’s left out, Martin’s father, Charles, uninformed about baseball’s intricacies, embarks on a mission to form a new team comprising the neighborhood’s overlooked kids.

Directed by Francis Leclerc and based on Marc Robitaille’s novel, this heartfelt film explores a touching tale of undying hope, camaraderie, and the spirit of baseball. Amidst the backdrop of a sport-filled 1960s era, the narrative captures the essence of youthful aspirations, familial bonds, and the beauty of being the underdog. It’s a French movie with English sub-titles.

A No-Hit No-Run Summer | August 1, 2008 (Canada) 6.8
Director: Francis LeclercWriter: Marc RobitailleStars: Patrice Robitaille, Pier-Luc Funk, Jacinthe LaguëSummary: Martin is 12 years old and dreams of making the neighborhood baseball team. When he gets cut, his father steps in and together they spend a summer full of hope and disappointment, line drives and foul balls.


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