“Take Me Out” unveils the backdrop of baseball against the complex tapestry of the Dupree family from Chicago’s upscale black suburban community. Young Nicholas Dupree seeks solace in the game as he wrestles with his father Farris’ overbearing demands and the constant shadow of his competitive brother Ricky.

Beneath the facade of an ideal American family, hidden tumults of marriage, infidelity, and education brew. But it’s through baseball and the guidance of Mr. Johnson, an old family friend and former major league player, introduced by his mother Carol, that Nicholas finds direction and a reprieve from the domestic challenges he faces.

Take Me Out | November 20, 2018 (United States) 7.1
Director: Joe ShanksWriter: Joe ShanksStars: Sonya Barnes, Angela Davis, Idrees DegasSummary: Not Your Ordinary Day in the Park.


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